First Assembly of God

Director Greg ConklinWe believe that a Godly society starts with Godly homes and that Godly homes start with Godly men.

 “Deep in his heart, every man wants to be a part of a team that does something great. Just look at the movies men adore. A team comes together to save the world, steal the money, or win the championship. The Lord of the Rings, X-Men, The Matrix, Saving Private Ryan, Oceans Eleven, Remember The Titans… feature a band of brothers who attempt the dangerous, the outrageous, the impossible. Each member of the team has a specialty and makes a vital contribution. A band of brothers. Though he may not realize it, every man longs to be a part of one” (Why Men Hate Church, D. Murrow).Men’s groups are not about having a club or a guild (people with common interests or goals); it’s about integrating men into church. It’s about camaraderie, affirmation, personal development and spiritual growth.According to, Men are a different. The common perception is men are self-reliant, don't feel, don't touch, don’t need fellowship, are too macho and are very competitive. Men see life as a puzzle.So how do we integrate men in and outside the church community?

Creating environments and opportunities to reach men with the Message of hope, the Reach strategy seeks to connect men to a relationship with Christ.


This strategy is a ‘some assembly required’ approach as every group will be different. But every group can be effective.

Purposed to building men as they grow in their walk with the Lord, many groups will have a different approach, strategy or concept. The idea is to consistently encourage one another as ‘iron-sharpens-iron’ and always in training for the game plan God has given us through His Word. 







Men's Ministries is about Reaching, Teaching and Releasing men to grow to their full potential in Christ.

Discipleship Resources for Men