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 What Is Women’s Ministries?

 Women’s Ministries is an opportunity for the local church to touch the lives of women by the power of Jesus Christ through outreach, Ministry Groups, and discipleship. Through this exciting ministry, Christian women are touching the world in varied and creative ways. They are reaching beyond personal interests and comfort zones to embrace women of all ages, races, professions, and social standings. They are building an environment for women to mentor women—a place where women can learn, practice biblical love, and feel God’s love in a very real way.
Since its beginnings in 1925, Women’s Ministries has evolved into a vital and powerful ministry which involves every woman in the local church. Women’s Ministries is women ministering in the choir or the church nursery, teaching a Bible study, holding prayer meetings, directing a mother’s day out program, organizing Event Evangelism outreaches, or directing mission projects. Ministry Groups may be as varied as women’s imaginations and the call God places on each individual heart. Women’s Ministries is women ministering. The more women involved, the more will be accomplished for the glory of God. Through Women’s Ministries, every woman will find a place of ministry and every woman will be ministered to according to her need.
As you take a moment to observe the women in your church, consider what you see. You will likely notice women sitting alone, women sitting with their husbands and children, women sitting with friends, and women in the choir. You will see women of all ages: some may be single and some married. Others may be widowed or divorced. They come from different backgrounds. Within the mix you may notice businesswomen, college students, professionals, homemakers, politicians, and retirees. But every one of them shares a common need: to personally know and be known by the Master. Our hope is that as you read about the formation and development of the Assemblies of God Women’s Ministries you will catch a vision. With the help of the Holy Spirit, may you be encouraged to share the hope of the gospel with women in a more profound way. Leadership is an incredible responsibility, but with God’s help and blessing, it is most certainly a truly rewarding calling.










What Ministers to a Woman? 

Today like never before, women are hurting. They are overwhelmed with responsibilities and inundated with lies. Many come from unhealthy and dysfunctional backgrounds that have left them ill-equipped to handle life’s pressures. Due to heavy responsibilities and dissolving families, many women feel isolated and lonely.

When a woman walks into a church, she is looking for someone to care, encourage, and listen to her—she desperately needs the Body of Christ. She wants to know that she is not alone, and she needs the hope that a personal relationship with Jesus can provide.

We can discover what best ministers to a women when we understand her design. Genesis 2:18-24 reveals that God created the first woman, Eve, with distinct differences from her counterpart, Adam. “Adam was created from the ground and was assigned tasks. [But] Eve was created from Adam’s side. She was designed specifically for relationship—created to meet Adam's relational need and equipped to bear and nurture children.”1 

Since creation, men and women have been distinctly different. Here are some general differences between most (although not all) men and women:

While sermons can challenge and inspire a woman, genuine life-change happens when someone enters her emotional world, connects with her, and encourages her on a personal level. She experiences the most growth within relationships that provide empathy, presence, conversation, and emotional connection.

It would be unhealthy for a male pastor or leader to have the relationship described above with a woman in his congregation. The Bible tells us that women are the best models of godly behavior for other women (Titus 2). Women understand women. Allowing women to minister to other women will prevent unhealthy emotional attachments between male pastors and women in the congregation.5 This is why ministry to women, by women, is a vital part of a healthy congregation.

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